We often hear about how our clients thought designing and ordering a new kitchen would be a difficult process that resulted in less than total satisfaction. That's why Signature Kitchen & Bath is dedicated to making the design and remodeling process of your home an enjoyable one resulting in a room that is unmistakably beautiful and undeniably yours.

Free product and design consultations
    You'll be able to decide which product line you want for your newly designed kitchen or room.         You'll also be able to realize the options you want or need and the options you can do without.

Floor plans, elevations, and perspective drawings
    You will be able to see from every angle how beautiful and functional your new room will be.

Lifestyle and homestyle analysis
    Based on your answers to a few questions about you and your family, we'll be able to create the         most functional and beautiful kitchen you could imagine.

A beautiful, newly designed showroom
   This will help you with ideas for design, style, space and color.

Detailed drawings and explanations
    In a contract and specification overview, we explain and re-explain what products are going               where, so by the time your order your kitchen, you will know what it will look like like the back         of your hand.

Getting Started